Contract Services For

Akron Public Art Commission 

City of Akron, Ohio

The City of Akron’s Public Art Commission is requesting written proposals from a qualified individual artist, collective, or agency to provide professional services for the creation and development of a public art electronic inventory program.

Proposals must be submitted to the Purchasing Division, City of Akron, Ohio by no later than January 20, 2023

Interested individual artist, collective, or agency may obtain a copy of a detailed Request for Proposal at no charge from:


Public Art Inventory Collector


 The City of Akron, Ohio’s Public Arts Commission (the “Commission”) is seeking to select a Public Art Inventory Collector (PAIC) to assist the City of Akron (the “City”) and Commission in developing an electronic inventory of all public art within the city. The individual artist, collective or agency will develop a comprehensive inventory of all public art. 



 The Commission was established to oversee the budget, strategy, collection, and administration of the Plan for Public Art. The Akron Public Art Program is dedicated to celebrating the cultural vitality of the people of the City and promoting economic vibrancy throughout the City through the integration of high-quality artwork into public places. The City and APAC are seeking professional services in the development and execution of an extensive inventory of artwork to assess the current artwork and determine future areas of need. 



 The PAIC must demonstrate extensive knowledge in inventorying and artwork condition assessments. PAIC shall demonstrate the ability to create a tracking process with all relevant public art information including, but not limited to type, artist, material(s), condition, maintenance requirements, and artwork status. Experience with public art is required. The PAIC must have sufficient knowledge of artwork materials and the ability to identify different types of artwork and the lifespan and maintenance schedule related to the material. Working knowledge of the City is preferred but not mandatory. The City and Commission seek a PAIC who has offered creative services across diverse sectors of the communities. 

 The PAIC must demonstrate the technical capability to perform the services required and ability to deliver the scope of work involved in creating a public arts inventory program/package/list. Experience with electronic art inventory must be cited. 



 The PAIC will be responsible for creating the electronic public arts inventory program that will provide the City and the Commission with time-saving functions including, but not limited to condition tracking, age, location, marketing, digital search capabilities, and more. 

 The following is to be used as a general guide, and is not intended to be a complete list of all necessary work to complete any efforts:

    1. Provide suggestions regarding the program and/or storage method for inventory; 

     2. Identify artwork material 

     3. Create an inventory of all public artwork in the city of Akron; the inventory shall include:

                 a. Artist

                 b. Type of art

                 c. Size

                 d. Current and projected maintenance needs

                 e. Date installed (if known)

                 f. Materials used

                 g. Location

     4. Provide images of artwork and location; 

     5. Provide updates to the City staff and Commission as needed; and

     6. Train City staff and Commission on use of the inventory as needed 


     1. Resume;

     2. Cover Letter with introduction, professional background, and experience with electronic inventories;

     3. Statement of the applicant’s capabilities;

     4. Proposed plan for the development of the electronic inventory; and

     5. Portfolio. At least one example of relevant experience. Portfolio may be in any electronic format. 

     6. If an entity, please provide the following information:

                 a. The legal name of individual/collective/agency, address, telephone number, number of years in business, and current number of full-time professional and technical personnel with the firm;

                 b. Name and telephone number of the individual or individuals who will be in charge of the actual work performed for the City and Commission;

                 c. The address and telephone number of the office(s) where the work is to be undertaken;

                 d. What proposed project schedule would you recommend in order to most efficiently conduct the work detailed under “Scope of Work;”

                 e. Provide a detailed itemization of the cost of services and any other customary charges for services to be rendered; and

                 f. Estimate of expenses incurred that will be billed to City and Commission.

The City will entertain any suggested billing method. The City may waive any of these requirements in the sole and absolute discretion of the Mayor of the City (the “Mayor”).  



For the purposes of this request for proposal, the following tentative schedule is anticipated:

  1. February 3, 2023 – Issue RFP to market 
  2. February 28, 2023 – Close bid at 1:00pm
  3. Commission approval, contracting and release of purchase order- 5 days from a successful bid being awarded the project
  4. Public Art Inventory Development commencement- as soon as practical after the purchase order is released, and the procurement of all items is complete. Commission does not have a specific package completion deadline for this project. Will coordinate with the awarded consultant.
  5. A Critical Path Method (CPM) estimated schedule. Key milestones include:

                 a. 2/28/2023 – RFP Fee Proposals Due

                 b. 3/8/2023 – Finalize Selection

                 c. 4/12/2023 – Announce selection on Commission call

                 d. 5/10/2023 – New Public Art Inventory Program – 25% Review

                 e. 6/14/2023 – New Public Art Inventory Program – 75% Review – Verbal Approval

                 f. 7/12/2023 – New Public Art Inventory Program – 100% Review – Final Approval

                 g. 8/9/2023 – New Public Art Inventory Program – Issue to Commission & Training Walk-thru


 Proposals will be reviewed and awarded by the Commission with the Mayor’s approval. The Commission and City will use the following criteria to determine the best applicant: 

  1. Qualifications
  2. Experience 
  3. References
  4. Portfolio
  5. Proposed plan for inventory 
  6. Thoroughness and understanding of work to be completed;
  7. Recent experience inventorying artwork;
  8. Interpersonal compatibility with the Commission, Mayor and City officials;
  9. Willingness to adhere to contractual requirements, as mandated by the City; and
  10. Cost.

In addition, the Commission and the City may consider any other criteria determined to be in the best interest of the City.


The Commission and City reserve the right to select more than one finalist to be interviewed by the panel for final understanding of their submission.

The Commission and City will review the submitted proposals for completeness and qualifications.

The Commission and City, in their sole discretion, may invite selected applicants to an interview and/or to provide an oral presentation.

The Commission and City may also determine to select an applicant without staging interviews or oral presentations.

If an applicant is selected by the Commission and City a special services agreement for the work will be prepared and executed. The special services agreement will contain non-discrimination, indemnification, and termination for convenience provisions.


The PAIC must not be an employee of the City. Proposals submitted to the Commission in response to this Request for Proposal will become the property of the City and subject to the laws regarding public records of the State of Ohio. The Commission and City reserve the right to reject any and all proposals and waive any informality at the discretion of the Commission and City. This RFP does not commit the Commission nor the City to enter into a contract, nor does it obligate the Commission nor the City to pay for any costs incurred in thepreparation and submission of proposals or in anticipation of a contract.

The Commission and City reserve the right to request clarification of information submitted and to request additional information of one or more Applicants.

The City reserves the right to negotiate with the next most qualified finalist if the successful Applicant does not execute a contract within fifteen (15) business days after submission of a contract to such offer. The City reserves the right to negotiate all elements that comprise the selected proposal.

The City reserves the right, after opening the proposals or at any other point during the selection process, to reject any or all proposals, modify or postpone the proposed project, evaluate any alternatives offered, or accept the proposal that, in the APAC and City's sole judgment, is in its best interest.

The City reserves the right to terminate the contract if the PAIC fails to perform the work described herein. 

Additionally, factors such as, but not limited to, the following may disqualify a proposal without further consideration:

  1. Evidence of collusion among applicants;
  2. Any attempt to improperly influence any member of city staff or any elected official of the City;
  3. An applicant’s default under any type of agreement, which resulted in the termination of that agreement; and theexistence of any unresolved litigation between the applicant and the City.


Proposals are due no later than 1:00 P.M. on February 28, 2023. Files can be uploaded here or delivered to City of Akron, 166 S. High Street, Suite 202. Any proposal received after the deadline will not be considered.



 Should you have any questions and inquiries regarding this request for proposal, please contact Summer Hall, at or call 330-375-2376

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.